Little Rainbows Pre School
For children aged 2 - 5 years

Located in;  Callicroft Primary School, Rodway Road, Patchway, Bristol BS34 5EG
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Term 4
Monday 20th February 2017 to Friday 7th April 2017
29 Teaching Days
No in service day

Please remember that you are not permitted to park in car park inside the school gates, this is for school staff only.  This includes dropping off and picking up – you must park out on the road.

Welcome back to term 4, I hope you have all had a lovely break.   
Last term we found a large number of children (particularly in the Butterflies Room) bringing in toys.  This causes quite a problem as other children try to play with them and can cause arguments.  We would be really grateful if you could refrain from letting your children bring them in or take them back home with you when you have dropped them off. 
We also have had parents leaving buggies and scooters in our garden area.  Can you please ensure that if you need to leave these here that they are left under the bike cover at the school entrance.  At collection and pick up times it is very congested and it is a hazard to bring buggies and scooters into the corridor or classroom.  Therefore if you are unable to bring in babies or children in your arms maybe a parent friend would wait with them while you collect your child.  If not, let a member of staff know and we will organise staff to either bring out your child or wait with your buggy until you have collected them.
If your child is in nappies or may still have the odd accident please ensure you supply us with a changing bag with appropriate changes of clothes, nappies, wet wipes, nappy sacks and any necessary creams.  If we have to supply any of the above we will have to charge you.  We charge £1 for a nappy and 5p for wipes and nappy sacks.  The pre-school cannot afford to carry the cost of supplying these essentials and if we have to use spare supplies you will be invoiced although it will emailed to you rather than incur costs of printing.
The children who move from the Ladybirds Room to Butterflies room in April will be popping in to take part in different activities all over next term to make the transition easier for them.  Your child’s new keyworker will introduced themselves to you, but don’t forget if you want to have a chat with them or wish to have a meeting regarding your child just let them know. 
The Butterflies room can be very different from the Ladybirds Room.  The children in the Butterflies room now start on their transition into Reception class.  The class size is much bigger than the 2 year room so can be a little daunting at first. The children are encouraged to be more independent  and now focus on their Literacy and Maths as well as the other areas of learning within the EYFS.  It can sometimes seem difficult to get to speak to your keyworker but your keyworkers are always happy to make time for you.  If you are not able to catch their attention speak to me and I will make sure a time is arranged that is convenient for you.
 Slight change to the cooking activities this term to reduce the use of the Kitchen.  We will be alternating cooking activities between the two rooms i.e Lady birds will be cooking in week 2, 4 and 6 and Butterflies will be cooking in weeks 3,5 and 7.  Please can you bring in your £1 contribution for the terms cooking activities as soon as possible.  Last term just over half our parents didn’t contribute towards our cooking activities.   If you forgot to pay last term perhaps you could pay for both terms this time to ensure we are able to continue. The children gain such a lot from the cooking activities that we provide each term and it would be shame not to be able to provide this.  This term our activities are going to be pizzas, Mothers Day cup cakes and Easter nests (in that order).
We have spent some of our fundraising money this term on a new water play table in the Ladybirds Room and a new maths area (from natural resources) in the Butterflies room along with a couple of new storage solutions.  We will also be getting the fencing repaired in the 2year garden.  Can I thank you for all your support in raising these funds. 
This brings me nicely onto this our next fundraising event which will take place the week commencing the 13th March.  We will be holding a sponsored bounce for children during that week.  I will be sending out sponsor forms shortly.  Please try to support us in our much needed fundraising by asking friends and family to sponsor your child in this sponsored event.  I suggest you ask family and friends to sponsor them as a total amount as some children can bounce A LOT !! 
For those unsure of what a sponsored event is:
We are trying to raise funds to buy new equipment and resouces for the pre-school.  We will send out a form for you to ask family, friends or work colleagues to sponsor your child.  Give them the form and they can write their name on the form and the amout they are willing to give when your child completes the task. 
During the week commencing 13th March, bring in your form with your sponsors names and the amount they are sponsoring.  Your child will then be given 1 minute on the trampoline to see how many bounces they can achieve.  This will be recorded and witnessed and the form will be given back to you to take back to your sponsors to collect the money.  The money is then brought into the pre-school.  Each child will receive a certificate for taking part in the sponsored event and their will be a prize for the child that helps raise the most amount of money to our causes.
If some parents are not happy to take part in the sponsorship they may like to make a donation to our fundraising, particulary if this is against religious beliefs.
In this term we start working towards the children leaving us in September with a transition into their new school.  We look at increasing the childrens independence within the setting and start by intrigrating some of the rules used in school such as putting their hand up to be heard, walking in the corridors, accessing the toilets and sitting at registration. 
To give you advanced notice so that if you need to arrange time off work or organise other children the Pre-school outing to Noah Ark for ALL children and their families will be Thursday 20th July which will be £6 per ticket adult or child. and the
Leavers Party and Presentation for Leavers only will be on Wednesay 19th July at 12.00 pm.  We are not able to have other children or babies at the Leavers Party as it will be held in the main school.  Last year lost a lot of our decorations for the leavers party so this year we are going to change the theme.  We will be having a Prom Ball this year and I will be holding a Frineds Meeting to try and see if we can get some help and ideas for the Prom.  I will let you all know  the date as soon as it can be  arranged.  Any parents with an artistic flare may be able to help with decorations.
We will be making pancakes for the children to try on 28th February. 
On Monday 13th March we will be celebrating the Hindu Holi Festival and I am sure the children will be coming home with some very colourful pictures !
For Mothers Day the children will be making a couple of little surprises but I’m afraid I can’t tell you what as it’s a secret !!!!!
For the last two weeks commencing 27th March the children will be getting involved in Easter crafts.
We are celebrating Easter on the last week of this term and on the 7th April the Easter Bunny is coming to visit the children.  There will be an Easer Egg hunt after the visit and we ask if you could contribute £2 towards the Easter Eggs and bring in by the 1st March at the latest.  If your child is not in on the afternoon of 7th April then your child is welcome to come in and join in with the festivities although they will need to come with an adult due to staff ratios.  Please let me know if your child isn’t normally in and you wish to take part.
We will also be holding on the same day an Easter Bonnet Parade.  There will be prizes for the Best Home Made Bonnet, The Most Original Bonnet and the Best Decorated Bonnet.  So start making those bonnets now and may the best Bonnets win !  Entries for the Bonnet Parade Need to be in by Wednesday 5th April.
I have had quite a few enquiries regarding the 30 hour funding.  At this present time I have not been given any details as to exactly when this will come in or how it will work with regard to claiming the hours.  The minute I have communication from South Gloucestershire on how this will work I will email all parents and add the information to our Facebook page.                                                
Please remember that we do provide a lot of activities outside so it is important to ensure that your child has the necessary items to play outside i.e. coats, hats, scarves gloves and wellies and if it is warm – sun hats, sun cream donations. 
Please, keep your eye open on our notice boards and Facebook (closed group) page.  We will keep you updated of all our activities and events and sent you reminders wherever possible.
Parents please do not allow your children to play in the garden area and on the bikes and prams whilst waiting to come into pre-school.  Please, please, please do not let them play on the equipment before the pre-school is open, we are not insured and if anything should happen, you will not be covered, nor will we.
A reminder of the process with observations. 
We aim to have at least one observation per month on each child.
If your child doesn’t do many sessions.
If your child is out sick/holiday at any time.
If your child’s keyworker is out sick.
  If it is a time of sickness etc and the keyworkers spend more time comforting children and treating children (including more toilet runs!).
This can all reduce the number of observations on your child.
 When a child starts with us new day photos will be put on and you may find a few more observations to enable the keyworker to find the starting points of your child, over the first few weeks. 
Each keyworker has a minimum of ten keyworker children, so it will give you some idea of the amount of written work they need to achieve each week.  Also observations will not go on the day they were made due to the fact that the keyworker has to wait until they have their admin time to add them to tapestry.  They only get one afternoon per week to do their admin and there are many times they don’t get their admin due to being short staffed in times of sickness Then their observations have to be approved prior to being added to tapestry so this can take a few days.
May I also remind you again that if you do not have the necessary equipment to view your child’s learning journey we are more than happy to arrange a time for you to come in and view them.
I will update you on any further events and activities by email, Facebook group or on the noticeboard. 
I hope you all have a good term, any queries come and see me.
 Term  Dates
January 2017 to September 2017
Term 4
Monday 20th February 2017 to Friday 7th April 2017
29 teaching days
No in-service day
Term 5
Monday 24th April 2016 to Friday 26th May 2017
34 teaching days
Friday 26th May 2017 – In-service day
Term 6
Monday 12th June 2017 to Friday 21st July 2017
30 teaching days
Friday 21st July 2017– In-service day


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Term 1

Monday 4th Sepember to Friday 20th Octobeer 2017 

Term 5
Monday 24th April 2016 to Friday 26th May 2017
34 teaching days
Friday 26th May 2017 – In-service day
Term 6
Monday 12th June 2017 to Friday 21st July 2017
30 teaching days
Friday 21st July 2017– In-service day